Westdene Student Accommodation

  • July 23, 2021
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Having procured the perfect site situated on the tranquil Westdene Dam alongside the “Corridor of Freedom”, we were approached by an existing private Client to design and build a unique, premium space to house students. The client, who is a well regarded professional Quantity Surveyor in our industry, was also part of the team, being very involved throughout the project.

With a long narrow site measuring around only 1000 sqm, the challenge of accommodating as many beds as parking ratios would allow presented many challenges. Thus we set out to create a building which would not be too imposing on the site and also provide a premium level of comfortable space both internally and externally to the students.

The brief was for the accommodation to appear sophisticated but at the same time to be low in maintenance, whilst fitting in suitably with the surrounding leafy suburb. The building also needed
to be as space efficient as possible whilst allowing the students needs to be satisfied in a relaxed atmosphere. The Client also wished to have the option of selling the units off sectional titled should the need arise.

Total 54 Beds