Suzuki Motor Dealership and Workshop

  • July 23, 2021
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I was approached by the owner of Suzuki Bryanston to design and build a new motor car dealership for his business. The site had already been procured, by the Dealer Principal at the time, in the Blackheath area in Johannesburg. My Client owned a number of other branded dealerships which included Suzuki.

The initial brief at the time was to prepare a project plan, with concepts and a feasibility study on the proposed site and building which was to be based on their comprehensive brief. This plan included requiring us sourcing and establishing the necessary professional team.

After successfully presenting and obtaining approval of the initial concepts and feasibility, we proceeded with the project.

The procured site had already been excavated to provide for a basement which stretched across the entire site. This posed additional problems for the Engineers and ourselves as this existing excavation did not ‘marry' well with our proposed design.

After some careful structural design and planning with the Engineer we managed to overcome this obstacle, the transpiration of which was actually a very efficient solution.

The project was tendered with a successful contractor coming close to the original budget established in the feasibility.