Renprop Pty (Ltd)

Project type: New office interior to new office building
Project size: 550sqm
Project cost: R1,9 million

I.Scope, had been employed in the past by Renprop to assist with various residential and commercial projects. Based on this successful relationship I.Scope was appointed to design and decorate Renprop’s own offices. The result is a very space efficient, well appointed design which reflects their corporate image as strong players in the industry without out being overly dramatic. As well as being a comfortable well planned working office the space subtly represents what Renprop is about and what they are able to offer their potential business partners through quality and appearance of the interiors.

We currently enjoy an ongoing relationship with Renprop as their preferred designers for all the lobbies and toilets to all their new commercial developments. We also advise on the layouts and select the finishes to their residential development