Parkhurst 16th Street

  • November 23, 2017
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Close friends to me, approached us to design and build a new family home for them in a quite street in the well know Parkhurst area.

Both Clients being widows, had been living together for a few years and decided to build a new home for their respective growing families. One of the two Clients had 2 teenage kids needing facilities to provide them with the privacy they needed as well as a home where the teenagers could invite their friends to entertain. The other had an older son who was currently studying in the UK, needed a guest suite to accommodate him on his regular visits to South Africa.

In addition to this, both Clients loved entertaining with their friends, both having a diverse and large social network.

Along with the limitation of the typical Parkhurst stands only being 497 sqm in size, we had a real challenge, accommodating the large family, 3 en suite bedrooms including an en suite guest bedroom as well as both private and communal living spaces. This all with a feeling of light and space, preferably with a connection to the outdoors. Another important aspect was to accommodate 4 cars in covered parking